Rattanakiri Branch Office

Ratanakiri is a province in Northeastern of Cambodia. Its capital is Banlung. The word “Ratanakiri” is a derivative of two Cambodian words, combined to mean “place of gems and mountains.” The word comes from the Sanskrit words Ratna (gem) and giri (mountain). Its capital, Banlung, is located in the central highlands of the province, approximately 365 miles (586 kilometers) from Phnom Penh. Lomphat, a small town in the southern plains, is the former capital of Ratanakiri. The province is a popular destination for thousands of tourist every year. Ecotourism abounds, due to lush wildlife and remote tribal villages. Most of the inhabitants of Ratanakiri are indigenous minorities. Ethnic Cambodians make up only 10-20% of the total population. The province is subdivided into 9 districts.

  • Andoung Meas district
  • Banlung district
  • Bar Keo district
  • Kaun Mom district
  • Lumphat district
  • Ou Chum district
  • Ou Ya Dav district
  • Ta Veng district
  • Neun Sai district

Phum 4, Khum Labanseak, Srok Banlung, Ratanakiri Province