Legal Support for NGO’s and CBO’s

Legal Aid of Cambodia (LAC) would like to introduce bout LAC projects and legal support to all Domestic and Foreign Civil Society Organizations in Cambodia. The following is what we do:

LAC, through the EWMI’s Cambodian Civil Society Strengthening funded by USAID, will provide specific legal aid support, representation, and advocacy for individual human rights activists and more broadly for NGO’s/CBO’s.

Legal Aid for Human Rights Activists
LAC will provide legal aid support to human rights activists by providing the following:

•    Timely legal assistance/representation by creating a referral system where clients’ needs are addressed within 24 hours.
•    Expert advice about Cambodian laws and rights of activists.
•    Filing of motions and gathering of evidence that can help resolve a case as it proceed through the Cambodian Court System.
•    Legal assistance/representation including appeals.

Legal Support for NGO’s and CBO’s
LAC will also provide legal counsel to NGO’s/CBO’s on matters legal laws affecting NGO’s/CBO’s, such as LANGO, labor, election, taxation and anti-corruption laws.

•    Training and information on the impact of LANGO and other related laws on NGO’s and CBO’s and how to conform with new requirements. Training will be provided in person, online and via media platforms such as websites, YouTube, and Facebook.
•    Assistance in reviewing operational policies and procedures to ensure they meet the requirements set by LANGO.
•    Provide online and hotline legal consultations to NGO’s/BCO’s that need assistance for their business operation.
•    Provide legal representation to GNO’s/CBO’s or their staff members facing legal problems when operating their business.

Human rights activists who have been accused have the right to a lawyer (within24 hours after arrest).
NGO’s and CBO’s have the rights and chances for legal consultations and representation.
Let enjoy the rights and respect the law to promote rule of law in Cambodia
LAC is a non-profit, Khmer administered NGO dedicated to providing legal aid services to the poor and advocating for their rights in civil and criminal matters free of charge.
Our Vision:

LAC envisions a just and fair Cambodian society, where everyone enjoys equal rights before the law.
Our Mission:
Ø    To strongly defend the poor and most vulnerable in Cambodia.

Ø    To promote the rule of law by improving knowledge and building capacity in partnership with individuals and the community.
If you need our legal support, please contact at email: or or phone numbers:
–  068 221 212
–  092 966144
–  093 431 744