Child Protection System

Strengthening Child Protection Systems in Cambodia

I.     Project Description:

The proposed activities apply directly to the program of FI “Continuum of care of prevention, protection and reintegration; awareness raising and advocacy on child protection and coordination and networking with the government and other civil society organization”.

By addressing the above mentioned prevention, diversion and response measures to reduce the level of violence against children in conflict with the law, the proposed project activities will supplement activities of larger project entitled Improved Protection for Children In Conflict with the law by EC and Save the Children. These activities include providing legal assistance to Children in Conflict with the Law in prison and children referred by local authorities; legal education and life skills for children in prison; providing capacity building to D-WCCC and CCWC members; organizing Relevant Units in Criminal Justice, and also providing legal training to judicial police.

The target areas are in Mongkulborey dirstrict and in RusseyKrok and Beanteayneang communces in BMC province. The project activities proposed to FI will be conducted in Poi Pet City, Sangkat Poit Pet, and Sangkat Nimith.

II. Goal and Objective :

  1. To ensure that children who have been identified as at risk of entering the juvenile justice system in the community and children in conflict with the law who have been diverted by or receive and alternative to detention from criminal justice authorities receive the necessary legal assistant, community based prevention and rehabilitation services, including appropriate social support services, life skill and education, to help them avoid criminal activities in the future.
  2. To ensure that children in prison receive appropriate life skills, legal/justice orientation, legal counseling and pre release and post release social support services so that they have the skills necessary to successfully transition into the community and are prevented from re-offending.
  3. To build community support to children at risk and children in conflict with the law through capacity building of commune authorities and empowerment of parents, youth and other community members on children’s rights and laws, juvenile justice and delinquency prevention.
  4. To provide children in conflict with the law access to free legal counseling and representation services, and their service providers (under the FI partnership) with access to free legal consultation.

    Activities :
  1. Assist in organizing regular meeting of CCWC and D-WCCC 15 times a year, including capacity building session for D-WCCC member, CCWC members, including commune police, and Civil Society Organizations on relevant provisions of the Cambodian Criminal Procedure Code, Penal Code, Civil Code, Civil Procedure Code, UNCRC, Draft Law on Juvenile Justice, diversion measures, mediation skills and restorative justice.
  2. Assist in organizing Community Conferencing 10 times per year (with participation from OSAVY, CCWC members, victim, offender and both parents) to develop and implement diversion measures, and provide legal counseling and social support services for children in conflict with the law who meet the diversion criteria.
  3. Assist CCWC to enhance referral and coordination mechanisms with NGOs, DOSAVY and OSAVY to improve responses to diverted children and children and children at risk of entering the justice system.
  4. Provide human/child rights education, legal/justice orientation, legal counseling, and life skills training for children.
  5. Establish and build knowledge and capacities of child/youth networks in communities on human/child rights, life skills, procedures related to the justice process, team building and identifying their issues and problems in order to report to commune authorities.
  6. Organize community dialogues with parents, youth and other community member on child rights and laws, juvenile justice, and juvenile delinquency prevention.
  7. Provide free legal counseling and representation services for 10 children in conflict with the law per year.

    Donor: Friend International
    V. Staff :
    1- Ms. Sea Sophat, Project Officer
    2-Mr. Hong Kun, Social Worker