Family Protection Network

Family Protection Network

I.Project Description:

As already noted, negative cultural norm and complex socio-economic factors contribute to the prevalence of domestic violence against women and children in Cambodia. In response, LAC has included in its mission, to provide quality legal aid, legal and human rights education/outreach and advocate for the poor in Cambodia and to prevent, reduce, and eliminate domestic violence and help its victims. LAC works in collaboration with the Royal Government of Cambodia, Donors, the Medias, NGOs and IOs, UN Agencies, the private sector and other related institutions and stakeholders in support of national poverty reduction and the Rectangular Strategy of the Cambodia Government. The project aims to promote awareness and understanding of the causes and impacts of these related issues on both direct and indirect beneficiaries which include young children who witness violence committed against their parents, and/or siblings, or amongst themselves. Awareness and deeper understanding will be achieved primarily through public forums and various methods of community information dissemination for at risk families and vulnerable groups, as well as workshop based training focused on effective reporting and intervention of local authorities from the national, provincial, district, commune and village level.

These levels of monitoring and intervention will be linked together into a Family Protection Network which includes the participation of the above mentioned authorities as well as 3 adults and 3 children from each commune.

 II.Goal and Objective :

 Children and adults in targeted areas realize their rights to be protected from all forms of abuse.

 III.             Activities :

  1. To provide capacity building to children or youth on how to protect themselves from all forms of abuse.
  2. To strengthen the capacity of Family Protection Networks to be more functional and more effective through improving on legal knowledge, child protection skills, referral services and administrative work.
  3. To form parenting group or caregivers and provide capacity building, improve non violence with families among closed group members and support children in contact with the law to access available services.
  4. To assist the functioning of Local authorities, Commune Councils, Commune Committee for Women and Children, District Women and Children Consultative Committee, Provincial Women and Children Consultative Committee, become more responsive for the protection of children and women.
  5. To provide capacity building on TOT, M&E, Child participation, Advocacy, Team Building, Counseling Skill, Reporting Skill, Reconciling Skill, and Law and regulation regarding to children rights. And Staff retreat and project reviewed.

    Donor: Plan International

        V.Staff :

  1. Mr. Chheng  Sovutha         Project Manager
  2. Mr. Choun Phiroun            Project Officer
  3. Ms. Koy Kithya                  Lawyer
  4. Mr. Sarunny Satya            Legal Assistant
  5. Mr. Chab Bunthan             Social Worker
  6. Ms. Chea Pisey                  Social Worker
  7. Mr. Sao Savuth                  Legal Assistant