Women Justice Program

LAC’s Women’s Justice Program provides legal representation for both women in conflict with the  law and  female  victims  of  crime (particularly  domestic  violence  and  sexual  crimes) to ensure that they can receive justice from the courts through the successful prosecution of their attacker as well as obtaining civil compensation. The Women’s Justice Program also provides community education about the rights of women, organizes campaigns against  domestic violence, advocates for the protection of women’s rights as well as conducting training for police, court and prison officials as to the rights of women upon entering the judicial system.

The  Women’s  Justice Program operates in:
 Battambang, Siem Reap, Kampong Thom, Pailin provinces

Areas of focus:

  • Reducing domestic violence against women through Pillar of Justice meetings amongst  relevant  stakeholders
  • Enabling  women  to  escape  abusive  relationships  by  making divorce proceedings better understood and easier to implement
  • Ensuring that the procedure for the treatment of pre-trial detainees is better respected and the possibility of pre-trial release is increased
  • Gaining an increase in the percentage of convicted women granted remission, pardon or parole (currently <5%)

Women in conflict with the law: LAC provides legal representation for women accused of crimes, ensuring  that they are subject to correct arrest, interview and detention procedures and can receive a fair trial. LAC provides training on the rights of female detainees to police, court and prison officials . Prison sentences are the ‘default punishment’ for even minor crimes. LAC is working with the Ministry of Justice and the courts to establish procedures for non-custodial sentences for minor crimes.

Women Victims of Crime: Domestic violence and sexual crimes are rife in Cambodia and a culture of impunity can make it difficult for women to bring to justice the perpetrators of these crimes. LAC works closely with women victims of crime and where appropriate assists women to press charges against their assailant as well as pursue civil compensation through the court system. In an effort to reduce the incidence of domestic violence, LAC also provides community education on the rights of women to be free from violence and assists  women in obtaining divorce in order to escape abusive relationships.