Women’s Justice Program

LAC’s Women’s Justice Program provides legal representation for both women in conflict with the law and female survivors/victims of crime (particularly domestic violence and sexual crimes) to ensure that they can receive justice from the courts by holding the alleged perpetrator accountable and by receiving civil compensation, including the use of alternative dispute resolution.

The Women’s Justice Program also provides community education about the rights of women, advocates for the protection of women’s rights, and campaigns against domestic violence, while training the police, courts, and prison officials as to the rights of women who enter the judicial system.

Program goals:

To enhance access to justice for women by providing legal aid to women in vulnerable situations (e.g., legal representation for both women in conflict with the law and female survivors/victims), educating communities on women’s rights, training government authorities on the proper implementation of women-related laws, and pursuing strategic advocacy on various issues to enhance the protection of women’s rights.

Main activities:

  • LAC provides legal representation for women accused of crimes, ensuring that they receive a fair trial and are not subject to unlawful arrest or detention. LAC also works to improve the treatment of female pre-trial detainees.
  • LAC strives to reduce the amount of pre-trial detention and expand pardon or parole for incarcerated women.
  • LAC provides trainings to the police, courts, and prison officials on the rights of women, while working with the Ministry of Justice and the courts to establish procedures for non-custodial sentences for minor crimes.
  • LAC assists female survivors/victims to press charges against their assailant and pursue civil compensation trough the court system or alternative dispute resolution, despite the culture of impunity and the prevalence of domestic violence and sexual crimes.
  • LAC conducts community education on the rights of women to be free from violence and coordinates meetings among relevant stakeholders to reduce the incidence of domestic violence.
  • LAC assists women in pursuing divorce in order to escape abusive relationships, while advocating for streamlined procedures.

On top of legal representation and support, LAC’s Women’s Justice Program also engages in constant advocacy efforts and multi-stakeholder platforms and discussions. For example, LAC provided inputs for the development of the National Action Plan to Prevent Violence Against Women 2019-2023, among others.